Learning to play guitar can be a rewarding experience that requires patience and dedication.

To help you learn the basics, Musigital have developed Speedscale GT, the App that helps you learn the musical scales that every guitar player will use as a foundation of their playing.
No matter which style of music you choose to play, Folk, Rock, Country or Classical Speedscale GT is ideal for learning and practicing scales as well as improving your speed and technique.

Use Musigital Apps to enhance your development and knowledge of playing scales and chords. Learn the scale patterns and chord shapes. Hear how they sound and then incorporate them into your own music and playing style. Play along with Speedscale GT to improve your speed, timing and accuracy.

Learn how the Major scale patterns in Speedscale GT interlink with one another along the neck to provide great flexibility and tone from your instrument. See how the same patterns enable the player to work in different keys and musical styles.

The chords found in Capo Acoustic App are commonly known as open position chords as in most cases they do not require you to bar across the strings to sound the chord. They are particularly suitable for arpeggios and finger-style players. See where to position your fingers on the frets and which strings need to be played or muted to sound the chord correctly.

Musigital Apps can be used for self tuition or under the supervision and direction of your teacher to enhance the learning experience and provide the basic foundation of music theory and knowledge along with the further resources provided on our support pages.