Capo Acoustic - Open Position Chord Library

Capo Acoustic for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad illustrates hundreds of guitar chord and tab finger patterns, along with numbered indicators that show you where to position your fingers on the guitar neck. You can strum across the strings and hear the chord sound. The patterns can be viewed in the open position or with the capo positioned along the neck stepping up each fret with a swipe on the capo. The fret position is indicated from the first to the *eleventh fret (*ninth fret on iPhone and iPod touch). Choose a chord from the scrolling menu and hear the chord sound by playing across the animated strings.

The notes produced by each string have been individually sampled from an acoustic guitar at their string and fret position. This provides a realistic impression of the sound and the changes to a brighter tone from the strings for each chord as the capo moves up the neck. You hear an accurate representation of how the chord will sound when played on an acoustic guitar.

Capo Acoustic is a fantastic reference for all guitar players and with a wide range of chords and keys to choose from, perhaps the inspiration to discover a new chord, a new sound and your next hit record.