A superb reference of open position chord shapes when using a capo on guitar. Popular in Folk, Rock and Country music, use a capo to recreate the authentic sound of chords and arpeggios found on many hit records.

Learning to play the guitar can be a rewarding experience that requires patience and dedication. For rhythm players, chords form the backbone structure of songs providing the basic building blocks on which to create harmony and melody.

In general chords on a guitar are classed as open or bar chords. The finger positions on open chords are often easier to play than bar chords and are ideal for beginners.

A capo enables the player to use open chords at different fret positions on the neck. This has the effect of producing a more vibrant tone than when using bar chords whilst at the same time providing a mechanism for playing songs in different key positions.

Capo Acoustic & Capo Electric. The App for Acoustic and Electric Guitarists

Use the app to enhance your development and knowledge of open shape guitar chords. Learn new shapes. Hear how they sound and then incorporate them into your own style of playing. The chords are particularly suitable for arpeggios and finger-style players.

See where to position your fingers on the frets and which strings are to be played or muted. View the chords with the capo on the first fret or swipe the capo all the way up to the *eleventh fret (*ninth fret on iPhone and IPod touch). The capo and fret positions are numbered so you know where you are on the neck. You can also choose the open position to hear how chords sound without a capo.